How to replace and fix my cracked Samsung phone screen repair

A cracked Samsung phone screen can be frustrating, especially if you trust your phone for business, school and social life.Every phone repair has a solution and we’re here to help you fix and replace your phone screen within no time. Yes, no matter which Samsung phone model you use our professional technicians at IT Fox Solutions can help you fix your phone.
Our screen replacement options include phone repair shop near me, insurance claims and DIY repair.

  1. Phone repair shop near me
    Local phone repair shop near you is the best option when it comes to fixing your electronic devices and phone repairs. IT Fox Solutions is a local phone repair shop located in New Zealand. IT Fox Solutions has 4 branches which are located in Auckland, Cambridge, Pukekohe, and Hamilton. Our professional technicians are eligible in repairing any device no matter how big the problem is they provide you the solution. Our technicians can replace and fix your Samsung phone screen within 45 minutes. So, if you are located near our stores location you can walk-in directly to our store or you can even call us for pickup. We do have online website where you can book your service.
    Expect to pay between $140 and $280 for Samsung screen replacement, depending on your model. We do offer warranty for the repair which has been made and deliver quality service so our customer can trust us going further. You will get a 90-dats warranty period were in if your screen fails within this period you can come to the shop and ask for free replacement.
  2. Claim insurance
    If you have it, phone insurance could be your cheapest option. You can even get a screen replacement the same day if there is an authorized repair center nearby. Otherwise, you will have to send the phone by mail for repair. Some operator packages allow you to order a replacement device instead of repairing your phone, but this option usually costs more. For example, Verizon insurance charges $29 for screen repairs, but up to $249 for replacement.
    Here are example insurance screen repair deductibles (these prices do not include premiums).

    • Samsung premium care – $99
    • Verizon Total Mobile Protection – $29
    • AT&T Mobile Protection Pack – $49
    • Sprint Complete – $29
    • T-Mobile Protection 360 – $99
    • SquareTrade – $149
  3. Do-it-yourself Repair
    You can purchase a replacement screen for your Samsung phone from several phone parts suppliers, including Repairs, Injured Gadgets and Phone Parts. IT Fox Solutions also sells screen protectors which either can be replaced by yourself or you can take help of our technician. Or, you’ll need to buy tools separately. Expect to pay between $30 and $250 for a replacement screen, depending on your Samsung model. Keep in mind that quality varies, and you’ll typically spend more for a high-quality screen. Pricing can also vary by color.

Replacing the screen can be a difficult repair, especially if you do not have experience. Before attempting to replace your own Samsung screen, please note that you run the risk of causing additional damage and that this may void any warranty and insurance policy.
But, Don’t Panic – IT Fox Solutions can fix your Samsung phone screen Issue
Yes, We’re IT Fox Solutions a New Zealand based phone, electronics, and computer repairs company has professional certified experts who are eligible to fix any kind of issue that persists with your devices. Whether it’s a Samsung screen replacement, Samsung charging repair, Samsung battery replacement, cracked Samsung phone screen, Samsung heating issue, Samsung side buttons, Samsung software update, a broken headphone jack, home button malfunction, or any other issue you might be facing, there’s no reason to procrastinate our technicians are well trained and experienced to fix any Samsung products it may be your Samsung Phone, Samsung laptop, or a Tablet. In fact, Our IT Fox technicians are trained in such a way that they can fix most of the Samsung phone issues within 45 minutes.
With our free assessment for your Samsung Phone, you can see our fair and competitive prices for yourself – there are no hidden fees and all repairs include our free 90 days guarantee on parts and service.
For quick, professional service with a quality guarantee, book an appointment with us today and you’ll be back with a fully functional phone in no time.
Just visit and Book a Free Inspection, and one of our top-notch techs will contact you and assist you with the details or you can even call us 09 360 1557, 07 823 1445, 09 238 0557 based on your requirements.
We are near you; Our IT Fox Solutions stores are placed at 4 different locations to meet your needs anytime anywhere. Our store locations: Auckland, Cambridge, Pukekohe, and Hamilton. Visit your nearest stores today and get your issues sorted on the same day. We’re on Google as well just Type IT Fox Solutions Auckland, Cambridge, Pukekohe, and Hamilton we will be right there for your help.