Is your desktop computer crashing again and again? Are you having difficulty in logging into Windows? Do you need to continuously reboot your computer in a never-ending boot? Are there some files or folders that require deletion but you just can’t?

Never mind, IT Fox Solutions can solve these issues of your desktop and many more!!!! We have a team of highly trained desktop service technicians that possess all the tools and experience to fix your computer problem in a fast manner.

All you need to do is bring your computer unit to our repair centre. We will not only diagnose your issue but also quote the repair price-free of cost. If you still prefer not to carry on with the repair work you are free to leave.

All our computer repairs have a 90 day warranty period, and if anything happens during this time, then you do not have to pay a penny. The best part our highly experienced technicians have been able to help with computers that have been deemed un-repairable by other companies.

So whatever the issue is, do get in touch we can be of help. Remember if it can be fixed, then we are the ones who can fix it.

Looking for a fast and reliable Desktop Repair Service?

3 Months Warranty on Repairs

Here is the list of Desktop repairs we offer:

Overheating issues
Power Problems
Hard Drive Repair / Replacement
Dead Desktop PC
Memory replacement/upgrades
Graphics card diagnosis and replacement
Motherboard replacements/upgrades
Software issues
DC socket repairs
Screen inverter repairs


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