Your iPhone battery doesn’t charge

We know how frustrating it can be when you are having an iPhone but you are unable to use it as your iPhone battery isn’t charging or is getting drained quickly.

The most common problem for your iPhone not to charge or to get drained quickly could be with the use of an inexpensive or unofficial cable to charge your iPhone.These cheap cables do not have a chip designed to regulate the voltage sent to your iPhone. Unregulated voltage causes fluctuations that end up burning the Tristar chip preventing your iPhone from charging.

“Don’t panic because every problem has a solution and a fix”

Here’s are the 5 steps to fix and diagnose your iPhone charging problem:

Before scratching your head and getting panic it’s better to diagnose the problem and find the solution. If your iPhone isn’t charging that doesn’t mean that your phone has a problem or your charging cable has a problem it could be the connectivity issue or electric port issue which you are using in your home. So, to figure out what is to blame and to get things working properly, you should methodically test everything to eliminate potential problems one at a time.

Try charging your iPhone with different cables if it gets charged then it’s your charging cable which has problem. But, if you cable charges other phones but not your own, you know it’s your phone.

  1. Restart your iPhone
    In normal scenario if your phone hangs suddenly, we tend to restart the phone most of the time the problem gets fixed. In the same way If your phone still has enough battery life, restart the phone and then try to charge it again. But, if your phone battery is very, very low – under 5% – or already complete dead, don’t bother with this step.
  1. Keep an eye on Lightning Bolt icon
    Start by making sure your phone is not charging. Connect your phone however you usually do to charge it – wirelessly, plugged into an AC adapter, plugged into a computer’s USB port – and check the phone’s display. If the battery is already dead, leave it to charge for about two hours and then check on it. Make sure you notice the lightning bolt icon on the top right corner of your iPhone while you keep your iPhone under charging or notice if the red bar turns to green. If there is no lightning bolt in sight, then you can verify that it’s not charging.
  1. Inspect your iPhone’s lightning port
    If your iPhone isn’t charging the way it usually does, your next stop should be to inspect the Lightning port. This is a lot more common than you might think. After all, we spend a lot of time jamming the phone – port-end first – into pockets, bags, and other places filled with dust, debris, and lint. Look carefully with a magnifying glass, and if you see anything, carefully remove it – gently – with a toothpick or any other non-metallic, pointed object that will fit in the port. Try to clear the tiny dust particles and make sure you do it carefully without breaking the port which will damage the entire piece. Try to charge the phone again. If it still doesn’t work, move on to the next troubleshooting step.
  1. Inspect your iPhone charging cable
    If you are long time iPhone user then you might have noticed that the outer part of the rubberized cable might exposed with repeated bending which causes the wire to break making the cable useless to work. If your cable exactly looks like that and it isn’t properly charging your device, throw it away and get a new cable. Sometimes wires can break while they’re still inside the sheath. Inexpensive third-party Lightning cables have been known to spontaneously stop working, often because the power regulator chip inside the cable has failed. These cables are for temporary use and cannot be used roughly as they get damaged easily. We cannot test the cable by tearing it inside and inspecting to see why it isn’t working. There’s no good way to see any of this visually, so the best way to test your Lightning cable is to simply try a different one – ideally, a fully-authorized cable from Apple that’s brand new.
  1. Check how you are charging your Phone
    Above all the technical problem and diagnosing you should also check your power source to charge your iPhone. If you’re charging your iPhone from a computer’s USB port, make sure the computer is fully awake (not in sleep or hibernation mode). Also try a different USB port, in case the USB port you were using has failed. Don’t try charging from a USB port built into a keyboard or USB hub – connect it directly to a USB port on the computer itself. If it still doesn’t work, plug it directly into a wall outlet with an AC adapter like the one that came with your iPhone. If you have been using an AC adapter this entire time, then try a different one – borrow one from a friend who has an iPhone or use the one that comes with an iPad. After testing and diagnosing all the possibilities to identify the glitch on why your iPhone isn’t charging and if you did not find the solution. Then, we strongly recommend you to consult the iPhone repair experts who can help you fix the issue.

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