Common MacBook Repair Problems and How to Fix Them for Enhanced Performance

Every new device gets old with performance and utility you cannot expect your device to work the same way how it was working when you bought it for the first time. But if you take care of your devices properly by troubleshooting few common problems then you can certainly enhance the performance of your MacBook or any device for that matter.
Everyone loves their devices pretty much especially if it’s an Apple product. It probably frustrates you when your device ran into a problem and needs a fix. You could well be thinking like of what the hell has happened to my Mac? Is the hardware having any issue, the software needs to be upgraded? Should I take it to a professional, or should I even consider replacing it?
Don’t worry — IT Fox Solutions a trusted apple repair centrein New Zealand can help! Let’s go over the most common repair problems for the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro and what you can do about them. Back up your data if you can, and check out the list to find the right solution.

  1.  RAM
    A system like MacBook needs a bigger RAM to generate better performance. Your MacBook struggles to save data if the storage gets full. Therefore, if your Mac needs an upgrade, the technician will upgrade the RAM to enhance the device performance.
    Note: Apart from upgrading your RAM you should also be checking for any updates that needs to be applied to your MacBook in order to increase the performance. Also, clear trash files from desktop, run antivirus software to see if they pick up any problem.
  2. Free Up Disk Space
    Mac uses a lot of virtual memory and this requires a lot of free disk space on the boot disk. Therefore, if the technician finds that the boot disk is almost full, he will automatically know that this is the main cause of poor performance. The technician will do everything it takes to free up disk space and increase performance.
    Note: When your Mac notifies you about the full disk space you need to be ready to take a backup of your files to safeguard it from getting deleted or from any unknown system update. It’s important to maintain a hard drive or use iCloud storage to take backup of your files which is pretty easy for a Mac user.
  3. Turn off Apps
    Although some Apple apps make the device more fun and stylish, they minimize the level of performance. Therefore, your technician may decide to disable these features to speed up the Mac performance. For example, they can disable window effects, stop animated wallpaper on the desktop, ignore iTunes visuals, close non-essential dashboard widgets, etc.
    Note: Your MacBook works similar to your iPhone. Applications which we don’t use regularly can be switched off or uninstalled from your device to improve performance. This will definitely take some amount of load on your device from getting slowed.
  4. Mac won’t shut down
    It is not uncommon for MacBook to not turn off as they freeze during the process. After realizing that your Mac is actually frozen and cannot complete the shutdown process, you will need to check your Mac to see if the open applications cause freezing. If so, you will have to forcibly close them, because sometimes open or frozen applications can prevent a MacBook from shutting down properly. If this happens regularly, try updating all your apps and check if it does the trick. If your MacBook performance is significantly reduced, the repairman can disable the automatic protection features of utilities. These utilities always monitor the system for performance, viruses, or automated cycles of data recovery and usage processing. If performance increases are more critical, these features can be disabled. At the same time, unnecessary sources can be disabled to increase the speed of the device during work. There are several default fonts and can greatly degrade the efficiency of the device. Even if you have worked on the above-mentioned points and still if the problem persists with your MacBook then you would need a help of a professional technician in this case.

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